Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The Deep Web is organized by 6 level´s important´s:
The level 1: Normal pages, normal facebookyoutubegoogleyahootwitter, etc.
The level 2: Pages suppresed by google, Honeypost, Freehive, 4chan, video stream and utorrent link´s .
The level 3: Users using program´s like ares or pages like megaupload are illegal,  utorren and emule.
The level 4: If the user is detected he can receibe years on jail, just because in this level are found child porn and gore stuff, sTORage, sites ovnis, etc.
The level 5: This level is so evil, is the level where you can found hitmans, traffic of organs, videos suicides, sell of drugs online ( so sick), Hiddenwiki and Onionchan.
The level 6: Government stuff, onionlb, etc. The day you get here you can say you became a master at web.
The level 6-8: The sourse, non responsive layer that sends signals to all other level´s and effects them directly.

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